VMware Workstation Home Lab Setup Part 9 – Importing VCSA via vSphere Client

All right - ESXi hosts built, datastores created (on at least 1 ESXi hosts) so lets import the vCenter Virtual Appliance.  The VCSA should be a bit lighter weight for our home lab that vCenter on Windows + SQL.  Before getting started, make sure you have download the VCSA from VMware and placed it in a location accessible to the vSphere Client.

  • Launch the vSphere Client and connect to one of the ESXi hosts you added the local datastores to, in my case vxprt-esxi01
  • Click on File >> Deploy OVF Template
  • Browse to the location of the VCSA you downloaded from VMware and click Next, then Next again
  • Name the VCSA, I'll keep to my naming conventions so vxprt-vc01 and click Next
  • Select the storage you wish to place the VM on and click Next
  • Select Thin Provision and click Next
  • Here you could click finish, I am not as I also want to demonstrate importing the OVF using PowerCLI so I have clicked Cancel

If you are not interested in deploying via PowerCLI, go ahead and click finish, the OVF will be imported.  The rest of the setup for the VCSA is something I have written about in the past, Installing the vCenter Server Appliance 5.5 which is also one of the more popular pages people find my site on from Google.  Have a read over those steps and we will pickup the rest of the setup in part 11.  For those interested, stay tuned for how to import the OVF via PowerCLI next.

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