Synology DS1513+ beeping after installing SSDs (New deployment)

I just got a Synology DS1513+ and wanted to try out the SSD cache.  Having never powered it on I pulled two of the 2TB Seagate drives and installed 2x Corsair SSDs.  Once I powered on the device, it started beeping and wouldn’t stop.  Turns out that when shipped with drives there is an existing volume already created.  The beeping was an error because I basically broke the volume removing the two 2TB drives.  To turn off the beeping, do the following:

  • Log into DSM, since I am assuming this is a new deployment you can find the IP at
  • Log in as admin with no password
  • The control panel window will open
  • Click on Beep off, take aspirin to fix the headache
  • Close the control panel window
  • In storage manager you will see Volume 1 in a crashed state, highlight it and click remove
  • Click OK then yes to confirm deleting the volume
  • You should now see no volumes in storage manager and the disk station health change to good
  • You can now go about creating volumes as you see fit

Having purchased other Synology’s with no drives in them I didn’t expect the volume to already exist.  If your Synology is beeping, log in and check it out!

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