Create a New Cloud Provider - Application Services Series Part 1

VMware Application Services (formerly Application Director) is now deployed, but we need to do a bit more integration with vRealize Automation / vCloud Automation Center so we can publish Application Services blueprints to the vRealize Automation catalog.  First we need to define a cloud provider;

  • While logged in as Luke, the user we gave all of the Application Services roles to, click on the Applications pull down menu and select Cloud Providers
  • Click the Create Cloud Provider button/box
  • Click the Cloud Provider Type pull down and notice what options are available - vCloud 5.x, vCAC and EC2.  What about vCloud Air - can we use that?  If you said yes you are correct because vCloud Air is based on vCloud Director.
  • Enter the information like so (note some of the boxes appear "greyed out" - they are not, just a poor choice for background colors) and click the Validate Connection button

  • Notice that you have to use an upper case domain, I'm curious as to why but in any case its the only way that worked for me
  • Next in the lower half of the screen (not pictured above) in the templates section, click the green plus icon
  • You should see the CentOS-Template catalog item we previously published in the vRealize Automation catalog; click the check mark next to the desired template and click OK
  • Click the Save button in the upper right hand corner

We now have the first step in setting up Application Services complete, up next we will create a Deployment Enviornment

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