VMware vSphere Web Client Tips – Work in Progress sidebar

In the Windows vSphere Client, when a wizard comes up, you need to finish or cancel that current task - not so in the Web Client!  When start a wizard in the vSphere Web Client you can click outside of the wizard window back into the vSphere Web Client and your wizard window will disappear.  Let’s take a look at an example, below is a screenshot of my lab, highlighted in red is the Work in Progress sidebar:

Now I can start a task, in this case the New Virtual Machine wizard

Now, in the Windows C# classic vSphere client I would need to either finish, or cancel this task if I wanted to do something else.  In the web client, however I can simply click off the wizard back into main UI.  As you can see here, my New Virtual Machine wizard has been minimized into the Work in Progress side bar.

Instead of having to restart the the wizard, I can minimize it to the Work in Progress sidebar, then click on the link in the work in progress window to bring it back, right where I left off.

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