VMware vSphere Resource Management Essentials by Jonathan Frappier and Packt Publishing

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vSphere is the flagship suit of Server virtualization, cloud deployment, and management. VMware vSphere comes with features that help you prepare a robust foundation to build virtual environments. You might have an already-built vSphere deployment, but managing the resources of your vSphere environment is crucial in order to save time and improve productivity.

This practical guide provides readers with a high-level understanding of the various components, methodologies and general best practices for maintaining and managing resources in a virtual environment.

Readers will begin the book with an explanation of the requirements for ESXi, the groundwork for VMware vSphere, and move through a comprehensive study of how resources are supplied. We’ll then progress with showing you the characteristics that enable resource and virtual machine availability.

With a solid understanding of the requirements to build and run your environment, you then move on to understanding how ESXi manages resources such as CPU, memory, disk, and networks for multiple virtual machines and how it ensures resource availability. Finally, you will be made aware of the options available with Vmware vSphere to automate and monitor your environment.

Readers will go through a learning curve of understanding the components, identifying the course of action, and putting it to practice.  Check out the sample chapter here.

Who this book is for?

If you are a vSphere administrator who wants to understand new features or an administrator aspiring to start your virtualization journey with VMware vSphere and want to learn how to manage your resources, this book is for you. Readers are expected to have some prior knowledge of virtualization technology.

What people are saying


    This book is a great resource for users getting started with vSphere and trying to understand the principles of resource management in shared computing environments. Virtualization on vSphere introduces lots of new concepts and this book does a great job explaining those concepts, required licensing and specific vSphere features. It is a must read for beginners, small deployment administrators and admins with growing deployments of vSphere.
The book isn’t very long to read as it only has 4 chapters, but I liked the format where the author present a feature and right after he gives you an examples with screenshots how-to use it in real life! This is not simple theoretical or technical guide, but Jonathan shares his experience and tips that he has learnt so far with vSphere so it’s very valuable.  -See more at:  http://www.vladan.fr/vmware-vsphere-management-essentials-book-review/
The book has four chapters and the main theme of it is the management of resources in a VMware virtualization platform, where a practical but specific analysis is done and well detailed how these resources should be managed. - See more at:  http://www.rhpware.com/2014/04/ebook-review-2-vmware-vsphere-resource.html

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