On the fourth day of Commitmas - Forking repositories on GitHub

Yesterday Tim Jabut forked my Ansible test repo on GitHub to help me get markdown working and I merged that back into my repository. Today it is time to learn how to fork a repository on GitHub myself. If you take a look at a repository on GitHub, you’ll see a Fork button on the upper right corner of the page:

Click the Fork button, after a few moments the page will return - notice the difference?

Yup, I now have a copy of this repository in my account. Switch over to your console and clone the repository locally. For example

git clone [email protected]:jfrappier/12-days-of-commitmas.git

I can now work on these files locally, for example here is the 12 Days of Commitmas (2014) opened in Markpad (choco install markpad)

With a few changes made, I commit my file back to my repository. Do you remember what commands we need to do that?

git add .

git commit

git push

And here we are, files are in my repository. Next we will look at issuing a pull request so the owner of the repository can merge my changes into their repository.