Importing VCSA via PowerCLI - VMware Workstation Home Lab Setup Part 10

In the last post we looked quickly at importing the vCenter Server Appliance through the vSphere Client, however its high time we introduce PowerCLI.  PowerCLI is a set of PowerShell cmdlets to manage your VMware environments (vSphere, vCloud Director and View) and is quite powerful.  So powerful in fact that this is going to be a pretty short post, the 7 bullet points needed just to import the OVF through the vSphere Client is now a single command!

Launch PowerCLI as administrator and run the following to log in:


Log in as root when prompted.

Now either change to the directory the OVF is located in or make note of the location for the cmdlet:

Import-VApp -source .\VMware-vCenter-Server-Appliance-5.5.x.xxxxx-xxxxxxx_OVF.ova -VMhost -DiskStorageFormat thin -name vxprt-vc01

Below you can see it in console as well as it happening if you were to log into the vSphere Client

1 command - how do you not love PowerCLI?  You can see all of the options available in the Import-VApp cmdlet in the PowerCLI documentation.  Now having shown you those options, I am actually going to run the VCSA in VMware Workstation, simply click File >> Open, select the OVF then provide a name and location.  Power on the VCSA and see my post here about configuring it.

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